【Indigo Meadow Wetsuit】關於衝浪衣的二三事-保養篇

【Indigo Meadow Wetsuit】Two or three things about surfwear - maintenance

If properly cleaned and stored, a surfsuit can maintain its performance and stay with you for a long time.

Point 1. Wash your surfwear immediately after surfing

Wet surfwear can easily lead to bacterial growth, so please wash it immediately after surfing. If it is inconvenient, you can wash off the surface sediment and sea water first, and then go home for further processing.
After returning home, make sure that the sediment is roughly washed away, put the surfing suit into a storage box or bathtub filled with water, gently rub and wash away the seawater in the fabric, and you may need to change the water 2 to 3 times depending on the situation. It is better to soak the surfing suit in clean water for several hours to half a day to remove seawater. If your surfsuit has a zipper, wash that area carefully as sea water and sand can get caught in the zipper.
*Pay special attention not to use hot water! Hot water will remove the adhesive from your surfsuit and cause the fabric to deteriorate.
*If you will not go home in a short time, you can prepare a storage box with a lid in the car, so that the surfing clothes can be soaked in it first.
*Special detergent is recommended as it is effective in removing bacteria, deodorizing and softening, preventing deterioration and hardening.

Point 2. Please use the wide-shouldered drying rack to dry surfwear

because The inner fabric is more difficult to dry, so turn it inside out and hang it in a cool place to dry. Avoid direct sunlight as it may cause fading, deterioration and affect its performance. Also, freshly washed surfsuits contain a lot of water and are heavy, wide shoulder hangers can be used to spread the load off the shoulders of the surfsuit. Never hang surfing clothes on thin hangers to dry, surfing clothes are easy to deform. If you don’t happen to have a wide-shouldered hanger handy, you can fold your surfsuit in half at the waist and hang it on a clothesline. If it is a pull-back wetsuit, please avoid the part that folds into the zipper, so as not to burden the zipper, but please note that this drying method is not the best method, because it is easy to cause creases at the waist.
If it feels dry after drying for half a day to one day, turn the surfing suit back to the front, hang it in the shade and continue to dry.
*The fabric on the surface of the surfsuit will dry in a short time, so you may think it is dry at first glance, but the inside of the surfsuit is not completely dry. If it is stored half-dry, it will cause odor and deterioration, so please dry it thoroughly.

Point 3. Routine inspection before storage

After the surfing suit is completely dry, check the condition of the surfing suit before storage. In case of holes, scratches, peeling seams, etc., please repair it as soon as possible. If the condition is minor, it can be easily repaired yourself. Be aware that if left alone it can deteriorate beyond repair on its own.

Point 4. How to store and maintain surfing suits

1) Please don't fold it, but hang it on a wide-shouldered hanger.
Folding is the worst way to store a wetsuit, and a wetsuit that has been folded for a long time will develop wrinkles and creases. Clothes can be ironed or washed to restore their original condition, but surfwear cannot be ironed. In addition to looking ugly, it may also cause deterioration of the fabric function at the crease, so it is absolutely NG.
2) Please store in a cool and dark place with little temperature change
Therefore, if it is placed in a place where the temperature changes rapidly for a long time, it will accelerate the deterioration of the rubber. Of course, places where the sun shines are also NG, and places with high temperature and high humidity are also NG, which will become a breeding ground for bacteria.
Therefore, the car is not a good storage place, especially in summer when the temperature inside the car is high, which will cause the adhesive to deteriorate and peel off. If the surfing suit happens to be filled with seawater, it will be even worse.
3) Avoid using your nails when putting on and taking off your surfsuit.
Fingernails can easily scratch the delicate rubber skin, and please avoid trying to wear In addition to being difficult to put on a surfing suit in a semi-dry and semi-wet state, it is also easy to scratch the surfing suit during the process.
If there is any error in the above information, please advise. The content of the article will be updated when necessary in the future, thank you~
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