Back To Retro! BAU's retro hut tent makes camping more comfortable than "home"! "Home" is more romantic! "Home" is more warm!

"The fascinating view outside the window catches my heart"
Enjoy the scenery outside the window through the large pane of BAU's retro cabin tent
It is full of nostalgic atmosphere like wearing a retro filter.
Travel with "home"
BAU retro hut tent
The Japanese crowdfunding platform Greenfunding has achieved more than 20 million yen
And we are also launching a group fundraising project for the BAU retro cottage tent in Taiwan
Exclusively sold in Calma Store Taiwan
BAU's unique retro hut tent, the most eye-catching indicator in the camp! Make your tent an extension of the outside world of your home.
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BAU displayed samples at Breeze Nanshan 3F
Welcome to experience the charm of retro tents for yourself!
Please note: This display is an initial sample,
Some details will change in production!
Please refer to the bottom of this introduction page //Update report about the product//
The original tent designed and developed by PAJAMA MOON, a Japanese expert with more than ten years of experience,
The goal is to create a tent that is simple, comfortable and tasteful.
In terms of mainstream tents, the BAU retro hut tent is small in size but quite compact
and has incredible vision
You can enjoy the fun of camping in a luxurious and romantic atmosphere all year round.
How many troubles have you encountered about tents?
★Appearance of tents on the market , colors are similar, and there are very few tents with unique style and practicality!
★Spacious tents are bulky & heavy and difficult to carry, while light-sized tents have limited usable space .
★The frame of the tent is not strong enough, and the quality of the tent fabric is easily affected by moisture and ultraviolet rays and deteriorates.
★It takes a lot of work to set up, it's not friendly to female friends, and it's hard to move once it's set up!
BAU retro cabin tent is determined to become a tent that makes you love camping even more!

What is the reason why the BAU retro cabin tent is definitely worth your own?

Point 1: Unique design not seen elsewhere

What should I pay attention to when buying a tent?
comfortable , spacious ,Function ,design.
Camping is becoming more and more popular, and there are all kinds of camping equipment all over the world.
And having "BAU" means you have a unique taste.
Retro-style tents are not mainstream in the market, but they have unparalleled charm.
If you're already a fan of old scores, you probably already know that,
If you are not, then we want to share the following information with you first.

"What is an old-fashioned house tent? 』

Refers to various shapes,
Cotton tents in sizes and colors.
Holiday tents designed for long summer vacations,
There are large windows in the living space, so you can stay comfortably in the tent and feel the sunshine.
A unique feature of cotton tents is that they are well ventilated,
You can even place a kitchen in the living room area and cook inside the tent.
A set of spacious and durable tents designed to keep the whole family entertained all summer long.
BAU was born by drawing inspiration from these once popular house tents.
Vintage tents from the 60-90s are expensive,
Old tents in good condition are becoming rarer and rarer,
And the daily maintenance of the old account consumes a lot of effort,
Moving and setting up also took a lot of time.
But the unique design and style of the old-fashioned tent,
We want to cherish and continue,

Therefore, we created BAU.

Materials have been refined for ease of use and ease of building while retaining the vintage style.

Comfortable, spacious and stylish.

Old account common large pane design

The view from the pane, smoky style with a touch of brown.

Comes with nostalgic filter.

It was raining outside the window, which looked extraordinarily romantic.

Retro geometric totem curtains designed by Japanese designers

It can be used according to the temperature and the required space
Decide whether to lift the large panes and make it an extended front room.

Easy to create a living room full of personality

You will be able to spend some wonderful time camping at BAU.

Point 2: Comfortable! Practical features for modern camping

Vintage tents are beautiful in style, but one can have many concerns about their functionality.
BAU Retro Cabin Tent solves this problem,
It also enhances comfort and functionality with the latest materials that are easy for anyone to use .
It is a tent suitable for all seasons.

[The tent is made of TC technology cotton material ]

Technical cotton has excellent air permeability and water absorption , so it is not easy to condense moisture and does not drip .

Waterproof test: BAU has a water pressure resistance of 400mm, so don't worry about sudden rain.


What is T/C material?
A blended fiber that combines cotton, which is excellent in air permeability and water absorption, and is not prone to static electricity, with polyester, which is resistant to wrinkling and quick-drying. Cotton expands when it absorbs water, and when it rains and absorbs water, it fills the voids in the fabric itself, preventing rainwater from falling to the bottom. When camping in winter, cotton absorbs water and is not easy to condense. In addition, while polyester is prone to fire, cotton is relatively fire-resistant, which adds to the safety.


[Mesh screen door with two-way zipper ]

Usually the old-fashioned tents do not have gauze nets, but BAU has improved this shortcoming by setting gauze nets on the doors on both sides.

Even in humid and insect-infested summers, you can spend a camping holiday in comfort.

Point 3: Founder layout, enjoy the fun of layout!

The BAU adopts a four-legged steel frame structure, which is quite stable.
It is characterized by a square pattern with high front and low rear & slightly sloping walls.
Such a layout hardly wastes any interior spaciousness.

Good for storing larger camping equipment
Create a "home-like" space
Use the inner tent to separate the bedroom and living room
In addition, using the inner tent to form a double-layer structure also improves comfort.
A camp bed can be used when two people use the BAU,
The space under the camp bed can place items,
Thus more usable space can be created.
If it is used by 3-4 people, floor mats can be used.

Point 4: It is quick and easy to set up and take down!

Generally, old-fashioned tents range from 30 kg to 60 kg.
Even with the car, it will take longer to set up after arriving at the camp.
More than one person can complete the construction work.
to build
BAU quickly resolved this issue,
The total weight of the tent body is only 20 kg , which is as light as a four-year-old child.
Generally, steel tents are usually 6-foot structures, but BAU is composed of 4 feet, which is convenient for women to set up and disassemble.
The ease of movement after construction is also a highlight of the four-legged design.
You can also adjust the desired position and angle after construction.

Point 5: Strong and durable, it will become old after 30 years!

Although BAU is very light as a steel frame tent, it also has 20 kg.
You may feel that the BAU is still heavy compared to the lightweight tent.

However, the weight of the steel frame tent is very strong against wind, and the sense of security indoors is definitely different.

During the days when you are camping in a tent, the camping is your home,
Being able to deal with sudden changes in weather is very important. BAU is okay even if it rains suddenly!
T/C technical cotton is 65% polyester plus 35% cotton.
Cotton absorbs water and swells, increasing the density of the fabric and making it waterproof.
In many cases, PU coating is to increase the water pressure resistance of the fabric itself, while BAU itself is not coated.
Although the PU coating increases waterproofness, it also increases airtightness and loses the "good air permeability" of technical cotton.
In addition, PU is susceptible to moisture and ultraviolet light, and undergoes "hydrolysis" that deteriorates over time.
[ What is hydrolysis? ]
The main phenomena are stickiness, peculiar smell, peeling on the surface, and deterioration of waterproof function.
This is a phenomenon caused by the deterioration of the water-repellent polyurethane (PU) film covering the back of the tent.
Polyurethane is hydrolyzed (reacts with water to decompose and degrades), and loses its original waterproof performance.
Hydrolysis can be prevented with maintenance, but will eventually occur if stored for long periods of time as it reacts with moisture in the air. Sunlight can also cause embrittlement and hydrolysis.
But we hope you can use BAU for a long time
even passed on to the next generation
30 years later, still camping with BAU
tempered by time,
BAU will also become a veritable old account!
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Enjoy the Japanese Youtuber unboxing BAU video
(You can turn on Chinese subtitles in the settings to watch!)
Although they took the wrong smile at first
But once you get the hang of it, BAU is very easy and fast to build!


/tent body/
[Color] Retro Green, Classic Khaki
[Dimensions] Width 270cm x Length 320cm x Height (highest point) 190cm
【Construction area】8.64 m2
【Number of entrances and exits】 3
[Total Weight] 20kg (Field: 10kg / Frame: 10kg)
[Field Material] TC Tech Cotton (210GSM Blend: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester)
[frame material] steel
【Water pressure resistance】400mm
[Camp Pole] 9
[Storage Pole Storage Bag] Storage Size 20cmx20cmx90cm
[tent storage bag] storage size 30cmx40cmx90cm
Attached camp nail/camp rope

/Special account/
Hanging inner tent that is easy to install,
Can keep you warm on cold nights.
When there are many insects from summer to autumn, the army of insects can be isolated from entering.
It is recommended for 1 to 3 people to use, please pay attention to use the inner tent to separate the bedroom and living room space,
Of course, the available effective space is slightly narrower.
-Retro geometric yellow-
-Vintage peduncle red-
[color] retro geometric yellow, Retro peduncle red
[Size] Width 255cm x Depth 190cm
[Material] TC technology cotton (210GSM blended: 65% cotton, 35% polyester)
【Water pressure resistance】400mm
/waterproof canopy "Flügel"/
Extremely light weight, strong light-shielding, both practical and design.

[Color] Retro Green, Classic Khaki
[Size] Length 300cm x Width 300cm
[Material] TC technology cotton (210GSM) water pressure 400m blended (65% cotton, 35% polyester)
[waterproof] Yes
With storage bag, without canopy poles
The serrated sides allow water droplets to gather and fall when it rains.
Made into a bathtub type to prevent rain and soil , Insects enter.
[Size] Length 305cm x Width 255cm / Height 10cm

//Update report about the product//

2021/12/28 updated.

1. The material of the ceiling will be changed to off-white technical cotton material without grid pattern during official production.

2. The BAU special inner tent will add a ventilation window when it is officially mass-produced.

(see gif below)

Tsk tut fundraising page

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