About us

Calma Store is an outdoor and lifestyle store based in Taiwan & Japan

The birth of selected stores and self-created brands is to practice our various imaginations about life,
Hope to cooperate with independent brands or designers from all over the world to bring you unconventional living objects,

Whether it is used every day or at critical moments, it is very good, the point is that using it will bring a good mood :)

Company name: Jinsang Trading Co., Ltd. Compilation: 82901099
Registration address: 32, 2nd Floor, No. 163, Nanjing West Road, Datong District, Taipei City

Taitung Calma Store Taitung Donghe Studio No. 114, Beidonghe, Donghe Township, Taitung County

Contact e-mail: info@calmastore.online

Taken in BALI in 2018