BAU external account renovation cost list

From now on, we will replace PAJAMA MOON to accept the request of Taiwanese customers to modify the BAU external account

Customized transformation costs are as follows

Install windows: NT$8,190 You can choose to install windows on the left, right or back and install curtains: NT$4,350
Add tassels to windows: NT$ 3,500
Lift-up setting: NT$7,490 It is recommended to use the lift-up design for the rear window
Patio screen: NT$8,890
Install chimney mouth: NT$8,190

add windows


Add chimney mouth (six positions can be selected)

After confirming the content of additional purchase and modification, I will issue an order form to you. After confirming that it is correct, you must first pay the modification fee in full by remittance + the shipping fee to Japan before the order is completed.

Taiwan and Japan round-trip freight & possible taxes must be paid by the customer, and I will not charge any handling fees for this part.
The renovation will take at least 1 month, and there is no guarantee when it will be completed.

***Supplementary instructions:
At present, it is estimated that the shipping cost of the foreign account to the Pajama moon factory in Japan is about $2,500, and the shipping fee plus tax may be about $2,500. The total shipping cost may reach $5,000

After the renovation of the tent is completed, please pay the shipping fee + tax for sending it back to Taiwan, and the logistics will be sent directly to the address designated by the customer.

Our remittance information is as follows

Bank account: Taiwan bank account name: Jinsang Trading Co., Ltd. Bank code: 004
Branch: Neihu Branch Bank account number: 153001015241