Handsome, practical, Cooler Bag with super high CP value!

The five-layer thermal insulation structure has been proved by actual measurement that it can achieve 24 hours of long-term cold-keeping combat effectiveness.
The cold and heat insulation performance is significantly better than other competing products on the market.

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Color: Cool Grey/Cool Black with detachable shoulder strap

When the four corners are folded into a cube,
S 16L W30cm x D24cm x H30cm weight about 930g
M 24L W40cm x D27cm x H30cm weight about 1.3kg

made in China

It can be changed into three styles according to the needs: shoulder / hand / tote!

S 16L

M 24L

RATEL WORKS AURORA Aurora Soft Cooler Bag has excellent cold and heat insulation effects for all to see!

Adopting five-layer thermal insulation structure, high-density thermal insulation material-polyurethane foam is as thick as 2 cm, and the thermal insulation effect is more than twice that of other brands.

Layer 1: 1680D nylon fabric with PVC processing on the back, so it is more airtight and better temperature reflection.

Layer 2 : Material that resists moisture and reflects outside air temperature.

Layer 3 : Polyurethane foam with good thermal insulation , up to 2cm thick!

Layer 4 : Strong polyester fabric.

The fifth layer : waterproof, stain-resistant, wear -resistant, and highly air-tight PEVA environmental protection material lining, low temperature resistance can reach -50 degrees.

Other RATEL WORKS AURORA Soft Cooler Benefits:

1. It is easy to store after flattening and does not take up space.

2. Easy to clean, after washing the inside, you can pull out the inside and let it dry. Easy to dry, not easy to produce mold and odor.

3. Incredibly large capacity

M size can accommodate 8 2L PET bottles (as shown on the left), and S size can accommodate 3 2L PET bottles (as shown on the right)

Size S can accommodate up to seventeen 500ml PET bottles!
(The photo below is a schematic diagram of putting in 13 500ml plastic bottles)

4. The original brand zipper is convenient for fingers to open and close the cooler bag easily.

5. Small pockets for storing small items.

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//How to use the cold pack more efficiently//

1. The cold pack cannot generate low temperature by itself, please use it with pre-frozen cold packs, ice bricks or ice cubes.
Food and beverages that won't be eaten immediately can also be frozen in advance to become a member of the ice brick army.
Be aware that direct contact with ice may damage vegetables and fruits.

2. Fill the space inside the cooler pack as much as possible, so that the cooling effect will increase. Cooling agents and ice bricks can be placed on top to increase the cooling effect.
Ice cubes can be made at home, but commercially available ice cubes are less likely to melt and last longer. Chunk ice lasts longer, and crushed ice can quickly cool down the temperature inside the cooler bag, so choose according to your needs. In addition, the part that has melted into water can remain in the cold pack to maintain the internal low temperature.

3. Reduce the number of times you open the cold pack to keep the low temperature effect longer. It is also recommended to prepare a second cooler bag to store food and drinks that will not be consumed immediately .

4. Be sure to keep the cooler pack out of direct sunlight , and you can also place it on a table and away from the ground to keep it away from heat sources.

*Precautions for use:

1. Modifying the cold insulation bag by yourself may lead to poor cold insulation performance.
2. Due to the characteristics of the material, actions such as friction, humidity, and heavy pressure may cause the color transfer of the fabric.
3. Keep away from high temperature fire sources.
4. When storing, avoid storing in places with direct exposure to high temperature and humidity , and also avoid placing in places with sharp objects or heavy pressure, which may cause damage to the material of the cold pack.
5. When the outer bag and inner bag of the cold pack get dirty, please rinse it with clean water or neutral detergent immediately, or use a soft brush to gently brush off the dirt. Do not use strong chemical detergents or brushes made of hard materials to avoid damage.