Calma Store Winter Project! SHANK HEATER SOLO small gas heater

"Began to like the sudden cold"

Shank heater solo small gas heater
When the temperature plummets and the weather becomes colder than expected,
You need compact and fast instant warmth when you don’t carry fire tools , kerosene heaters , or have no time to set up any heating equipment.

Shank Heater is such a small heater that is light in size and easy to carry around. When it suddenly gets cold like this, you can set it up immediately and warm your body in 3 seconds!

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"Follow your bliss" means "pursue the joy of life, do what you love! 』
Those who challenge something in the cold and those who are there to cheer for them We hope that Shank Heater will be there to support them!

Although the weather is cold, as long as your hands and feet are warm,
The comfort and satisfaction brought by it will be completely different!
The field of vision seen by the eyes has also become wider with the warmth, and I can enjoy the activities I am doing now more!

Shank Heater is a project dedicated to all outdoor lovers!
The shank heater solo gas heater is dedicated to all outdoor lovers
We don't just want to make a portable small heater,
Contains our ingenuity and intentions in many details,
I hope that every time you see it , touch it , use it ,
Will be glad to have it!

"It was great to buy Shank Heater at the beginning! 』

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Shank Heater is suitable for any outdoor activities. It is easy to carry and store, and has a good-looking appearance. When you go out, you will never hesitate to take it immediately.




|Motorcycle travel|


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Of course, the POWER of Shank Heater cannot be compared with large kerosene heaters.
But its mobility and the ability to achieve rapid heating in a short period of time,
It will definitely help you have a better and more comfortable outdoor experience in winter.

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Product Features of Shank Heater

POINT 1: Lightweight and easy to carry

If you are a person who likes to go out with simple luggage,
Shank Heater is definitely one of the ideal winter outdoor equipment.
You can put Shank Heater in the car, locomotive compartment or carry-on luggage to wherever you want to go, such as: the forest , mountains, creeks, seaside...etc.

POINT 2: High-quality black metal knob

The knob is the most frequently touched place on the entire Shank Heater, so we must pay attention to it. Unlike other similar products that use plastic knobs, the metal knobs we selected after many proofing tests are stronger and more durable than plastic and wood. The detailed cross-knurling design has a good texture and feel.

POINT 3: Burn-resistant and scratch-resistant black ceramic-coated grille

Different from other similar products, the stainless steel guard net is used.
We have an extra layer of ceramic coating, the mesh is more resistant to high temperature and not easy to change color,
The cost is higher, but the texture is definitely upgraded three times.

Generally, ordinary stainless steel guard nets will change color after burning and become unsightly.

POINT 4: Warm up in three seconds

When you are in a hurry to go out or when you suddenly feel cold outdoors,
Shank Heater can quickly respond to your need for warmth.

POINT 5 : Drink holder for Shank Heater

In addition to the basic stainless steel drink holder,
What is more special is the Shank Heater special order brass version,
The word "Shank Heater" is lasered on it, which is unique and only we have.
*Note: The wording of the final shipment may be changed to other words.


    • Color: Textured Black/Wolf Brown/Mustard Yellow, 3 colors in total
    • Dimensions: W18 x D16.7 x H14cm
    • Weight: 1kg
    • Calorific value: 816kcal/hour
    • Consumption: 68g/hour
    • Possible burning time: 3.5~12 hours
    • Accessories: Attached waxed canvas storage bag & waxed canvas double-sided gas tank sleeve
    • Price: Retail price in Taiwan is $3,480

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Textured black Shank Heater with black storage bag on the left,
Steppenwolf brown & mustard yellow Shank Heater is paired with the wolf brown storage bag on the right.
Brand logo waterproof zipper
The gas canister sleeve is designed to be reversible, one side is the wolf brown pictured and the other side is black.

Shank Heater is a product produced in cooperation with Nabia, a major Korean gas stove manufacturer, with guaranteed and reliable quality.
And through the formal import declaration process, and with the government official document certification without commodity inspection.
We also purchased Fubon Commodity Liability Insurance, which is a manifestation of our responsibility to consumers.
Shank Heater's fundraising platform in Japan has reached 23 million yen
Crowdfunding in Japan
Hot sales in Taiwan
The quantity is limited, it may not be re-produced when sold out~
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Q1. What is the fuel of Shank Heater?
Answer: There are 220g cassette gas tanks in the market (some will be marked with 250g).
2. How long can Shank Heater burn with a cassette gas tank?
Answer: If the fire is turned to the maximum, a brand new cassette gas tank can burn continuously for about 3~3.5 hours.
will be used In the case of Shank Heater, it is rare to burn continuously for a long time. Depending on the usage, one can can be used for a whole day. It is for reference only.
Q3. Can Shank Heater be used to cook food?
Answer: The main function of Shank Heater is to generate heat and keep warm! It is recommended to be used only as an auxiliary simple heat preservation function.
Q4. Can be used indoors Shank Heater?
Answer: Yes. Shank Heater has a warming effect in a small area, and you can feel the warmth as soon as you turn it on. However, please pay attention to the air circulation when using it, and do not use it while sleeping, so as to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning or fire caused by burning combustible substances near the heater.
Q5. Why? The Shank Heater gas tank sleeve is only half the width of the gas tank sleeve? Can it be made to cover the width of the entire gas tank?
Answer: The gas tank cover has a thickness. If it is made into a width that "encloses the entire gas tank", it will affect the function of the gap of the gas tank ring to buckle the guide piece of the small heater. In addition, there is a metal plate inside the small heater. Its function is to guide the heat flow and keep the gas tank warm. Taiwan may not have this kind of worry. However, in South Korea and Japan, where the temperature is low in winter, this device can keep the gas tank at a certain temperature and function. (If the temperature inside the cassette gas tank is lower than 0 degrees, it cannot be burned) . The gas tank cover is only made half the width, in addition to avoiding interference with the heat preservation mechanism of the small heater for the gas tank, it also provides the insulation function of the exposed part of the gas tank, and of course it is also very beautiful!
Q6. Has Shank Heater passed the commodity inspection of the Ministry of Economic Affairs?
A: According to Taiwan regulations, The function of Shank Heater is only for heating and keeping warm. This kind of product does not need to pass the product inspection. Our company has also obtained government documents for this part, please rest assured.
Q7. Excuse me Does Shank Heater have a warranty?
answer: Shank Heater provides a seven-day appreciation period after arrival (including holidays ).
Please note that the appreciation period is not a trial period. If you find any unreasonable defects after receiving the product after inspection, please contact us immediately. After receiving the product, please test the tank, and if the cassette gas tank functions normally but cannot be ignited, please contact us immediately.
(Q&A is being continuously updated)

Precautions for use

1. When loading the tank, please make sure that the cassette gas tank is firmly locked in the tenon, and has been tightened, and there is no smell of gas before igniting. If you fail to ignite after several attempts, you can remove the safety device in the furnace and try again. If you still fail to ignite, please contact us.
2. Please choose a big brand gas tank with guaranteed quality and safety. Gas tanks that have been placed for a long time or have rusted or damaged appearance must not be used. If the small heater cannot be ignited at the beginning, do not use a lighter to burn the junction of the gas tank and the heater. This is an extremely dangerous behavior.
3. When the Shank Heater burns, the temperature of the protective net is very high, so be careful to burn your hands. Also, please keep children and pets away from it to avoid danger.
4. Do not use on grass with long grass Shank Heater , if the grass cannot be avoided, it is recommended to use it with a fireproof mat.
5. For indoor and car use, please be sure to pay attention to air circulation, and the doors and windows should be open. Do not use in confined spaces Shank Heater, and pay attention to the distance from combustible materials.
6. Do not use while sleeping Shank Heater , to avoid danger.
7. Please use it in a static state Shank Heater, please do not move with a small heater that is still burning.
8. After use, please remove the gas tank and store it separately from the Shank Heater. After removing the gas canister, it is recommended to re-ignite The Shank Heater burns the remaining gas and stores it after cooling down.
(Precautions for use are continuously being updated)
Chinese instruction manual
All fire related items must be handled with care for safe and pleasant memories.
willing Shank Heater accompanies you to spend a happy winter.
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